Memory loss may often be associated with the result of a collision or an accident, but the cause of dementia can vary, starting from the use of medications, lifestyle, and specific medical conditions. Memory loss occurs because of damages in the neuroanatomical structures that inhibit memory, memory storage process, and the process of recalling memories. Complete memory loss can occur suddenly and may occur gradually depending on the cause. That is why, if you are already diagnosed with the possibility of suffering from memory loss or else if you just think that it is important to prevent yourself from getting memory loss, you can use guides like the-health-directory, for example, to help you maintain your memory in a good condition.

Not only because of a hit happening to the head, memory loss can also be caused by a variety of other conditions such as HIV, tuberculosis, syphilis, as well as disorders of the thyroid gland that can affect the brain works. The following, then, are some of the causes of memory loss:

– Smoking, drugs and alcohol

You might probably have never thought of before that cigarettes, alcohol and drugs can cause memory decreases. Research shows that a person who smokes or taking drugs may have a decreased ability to remember. This happens because in smokers, the oxygen that goes into the brain is reduced. While drugs can impair memory for content in it can change the chemicals in the brain. Similarly, in those who became alcoholics in the long term.

– Difficulty to sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to fatigue which in turn can disrupt the brain power to remember and retain memories.

– Nutritional deficiencies

In order to maintain the resilience of memory and brain function, the body requires vitamin B12, B1, fat, and protein. In addition, vitamin B12 can maintain healthy blood cells and nerve cells. Therefore, some kind of nutritional deficiency could be one of the causes of disturbances in memory.

– Stress and depression

Both of these conditions can cause a person psychologically difficult to concentrate and focus so that it can affect a person’s memory. It is caused when someone strained by stress or trauma, his mind will be distracted or experiencing overloaded, so the ability to remember participate impaired.