When it comes to the immune system, there are several things which are the factors to influence it. These factors will be the one to determine whether the immune system can function properly or not. Thus, it is important to know the factors as if the system happens to be unable to work as it has to, then treatments can immediately be done to heal it such as by taking medicines. On the website http://www.somanindonesia.co.id/produk/khasiat-soman, for example, there is an herbal medicine that can help heal and boost the immune system. Amongst other, some of the factors are as follows:

Environment and nutrition
Environment and nutrition are also some of the influential factors when it comes to the immune system and it is because of the exposure to the causes of diseases such as viruses and germs and also the ability of the system which is reduced due to malnutrition.

The deprivation of sleep can cause changes in cytokine networks and it will also affect the ability of the immune system that is decreasing.
– gastric fluid
– the flow of urine
– skin secretions are bactericides
– enzyme
– antibody