The procedure of breast augmentation Baltimore using stem cells is done in three stages. The first begins with liposuction (liposuction) to take the fat from the abdominal area, buttocks or areas of excess fat. This procedure is done as liposuction procedures in general, ie using a special cannula that is inserted into the body to break down fats and sucked out.

Once the fat is taken, then separated from other networks. Most of the fat that is filtered will be reprocessed using special enzymes to extract the Stemm cell. The process uses a device called a centrifuge. Once the stem cells obtained, then mixed back with another fat, then injected into the breast. Stem cell breast augmentation surgery usually does not make the patient needs to be hospitalised. Post-injection of the patient can go home and do not require special recovery. Although the risk is small, stem cell breast augmentation surgery can not be done by all women.