Always use a razor blade or razor-quality and sharp. At the time of shaving, you not only cut hair but also will scratch the outermost layer of the skin surface. When you use a razor knife or razor blade, blunt, then you’ll feel itchy, and will face covered with acne. A Dull razor will be more harmful to your skin, as a type of knife that causes a rash, itching, and sores on your skin. Razors can be replaced up to three or even ten times than usual depending on how often you use it. If you shave every day, try replacing your razor blade razor or a maximum of five days. But if such a blunt razor, then replace it as soon as possible. You can buy it at Best Pedia because many electric shavers is a best electric shavers 2017.

At the time of shaving, rinse your razor after every few swipes in hot water or warm water. This is done to remove the shaving cream, skin cells that participate chipped, mustache, beard, or hair. The use of hot water is to assist lubrication to the skin, and has nothing to do with the “kill the bacteria”. We recommend that you make sure that you are correct ways to shave. Ideally shave the right to be in line with the growth of hair, a mustache, or a beard you. Start from the side and then toward the chin whiskers. Chin beard in an area that is usually hard to shave, so that the chin area becomes soft, then it should be given a shaving cream more and longer.