Maintaining the cleanliness of the air conditioner will prevent costly repair expenses and improve the efficiency and reliability of your unit aircon service. To do the cleaning properly, you can call an aircon service expert to help you as they know everything necessary to do; some of the things are as follows:

–    Replace the air filter
Buy a new air conditioning filter at electronics stores nearby. Check guidebooks unit to ensure proper filter size or take the old filter into the store with you.

–    Turn off the power to the blower
If the switch unit cannot be found, use the main panel to turn off the air conditioning unit.

–    Replace filters.
Open the blower compartment and suck all the dust and debris that looked. If the bike has a lubrication port, give five drops of special oil for electric motors in the port. But, do not use rust or a versatile oil rusher. You have to look at the guidebooks to check out about this lubrication port.