For you who like high mobility because you have a very busy schedule, living in the heart of the city is the best choice for you. However, there are not many houses that offered with a location in the middle of the city for mostly it will be on the suburban area. That is why when you want to own a house yet placed near to the Central Business District and Marina Bay Financial District, you could look up Park Place Residences that currently are under construction with finished estimation in 2018-2019. Here are several benefits that you could get when you live at Park Place residences:

1. The closer the location of the office or place of business and other places frequented in connection with work or other routine activities.

2. Since the distance is getting closer, so physically drained or exhausted by driving the vehicle. Thoughts and feelings are also not to mention the stress and tortured because of severe congestion and long distance. You could even walk to work. You physical body will automatically become healthier and fit.

3. Due to the near distance, thus saving transport costs such as fuel saving, no need to pay a toll, do not have to pay to park if walking.

4. Due to the near distance, so that the travel time is also shorter. Automatic time could be used for other useful things such as reading, doing homework or conducting business activities and even work activities relating to hobbies such as painting, writing articles, etc. The free time could also be used for rest. For people who have children, there can be used the time to play with children or help their children learn.

5. Because life very practical and space is limited, making it easier to clean the apartment, so no need to pay the maid. All homework can be done alone. Not only because of the loss of cost advantages but also the establishment of mental maid to take more responsibility in your personal life.

6. The one that will handle all matters such as maintenance of buildings and facilities maintenance, waste management, etc are the property manager.

7. Security and privacy is guaranteed because of the guarding 24 hours and equipped with CCTV.