Experts in supernatural who are more known as shamans or paranormals are available in a huge number of thousands and they are spread across the globe. the methods the use are also sometimes different from one another, ranging from some shamans who use of incantations or spells to the other ones wearing some sort of magical tools of stone, wood, bones etc. One of the tools that are often considered as magical is a potion in a form of tea called as the Ayahuasca tea. What is Ayahuasca?

The invisible world is difficult to prove its existence. However, from some of the findings in writing, a few tribes in South America were able to recognize the presence of the spirit through the ceremony of drinking a potion and it is the ayahuasca tea.

Ayahuasca tea, or it can also be called as the artificial yaje Peru, is a kind of potions which are used in a varied range of fields, ranging from traditional ceremonial events like those which are usually done by shamans amongst tribes to several medical treatments such as treatments to reduce or even heal drug addictions that are usually done in healing camps like the ayawaska camp.

The reason why Ayahuasca is used to treat drug addictions is because it contains one kind psychedelic which is a medical substance that has been developed to overcome drug addictions. Psychedelic was first discovered in 1957 by a psychiatrist named Humphry Osmond. Then, after that, Dr. Dennis Mckenna and some other researchers have found that Ayahuasca is able to serve to normalize the level of brain chemicals including dopamine and together these compounds have an important function is to reduce the craving for drugs. That is why, after those studies, many people start to use and apply Ayahuasca as a medicine to treat and heal drug addictions.