The bathroom is an important requirement in the house. From children, adults, even to the elderly, all of them need to use the bathroom every day. However, when getting older, the ability of the human senses will be decreased and this decreasing ability is one of the causes of accidents that happen to the elderly in the bathroom. Thus, it is, indeed, important to make a bathroom which is safe for the elderly.

To make a safe bathroom for the elderly, one of the things you should pay attention to is the bathtub. The safest kind of bathtubs for elderly is the walk in bathtubs so that it is recommended for you to choose that kind of bathtubs. Then, the layout and design of the bathroom are also important. The bathroom should be positioned near-or even fused-with a bedroom and the family room because, usually, those are the rooms in which the elderly mostly spend their time. This will certainly make it easier for seniors to access the bathroom without much effort. The bathroom should be designed broad or too narrow, so as to facilitate the mobility of elderly people in the bathroom.