If you think about having more investment, do yo wonder how suisse can be as well as other investment methods to produce a lot of money and build the wealth? Generally speaking, credit Suisse group is a Swiss multinational financial service holding company. It operates the credit Suisse bank and other service investments for the financial reasons. Before investing in Suisse, it is important to know that the way to invest will be different for customers of credit Suisse and for non-customers.

If you are in this case is the customer of credit Suisse, you can instruct your investment advisor to buy o sell credit Suisse investment fund units. It can be done by phone, fax, and even letter. This may seem like new ways for most of us but not for investors, especially, those who have the bank account or customers of credit Suisse. So, what does make this investment different from most common investment options, stock, and gold for instance?