The religion and teachings of the Jesus must be spread to everyone in the world. However, it’s such a challenging task which has been given by Him to us. However, in this modern era, you don’t have to ride a horse and sail on the sea to reach the people from across the continent. Today, you can spread the words of Jesus to the people far away from you by using the Social media. This way, you can let them know about ? What is the job of the holy spirit´╗┐? without have to travel so far.

By using the social media to spread the religion of Jesus, you don’t have to spend hours just to reach a community of certain individuals. Instead, you just need to share it on a facebook page and let them read it by themselves. This way, you can reach the heart of many people and show them the light of Jesus without even have to leave your house. Visit the bold gospel website if you wish to know more about this.