There are still many people who do not really understand about SEO. Thus, ironically, those who claim SEO experts or growth hackers often perform the techniques which have been expired and wrong, even it is not rare that those marketers use the techniques of the black hat SEO and spam link building. That is why you should be able to choose only a good local SEO provider like the local seo expert in pittsburgh pa.

There are some digital agencies that use private blog networks to boost SEO rankings of the clients. They use what is called as PBN which means that they create and manage multiple blogs or microsites that have diverse niches but only function as a farm of backlinks to their main websites of the sites of the client. Even though it is more difficult for PBN to be detected as it is made like a regular blog that is well taken care of, but Google is actively penalize the blog network like this. That is why it is better to use white hat SEO techniques.